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the land design Garden

There are many kinds of Gardens! -- Flower gardens, rock gardens, native plant gardens, water gardens, wild gardens, formal gardens, Victory gardens, and many more. The form, elements and composition may differ but this they all have in common -- gardens are Companions to those who enter. They comfort, inspire, enthrall, entertain, challenge and reward. As with any companionship, the more one gives to the garden, the more one receives.

When we design, build and tend to gardens, our aim is to create and nurture a place that perfectly fits client needs, wishes and personalities. We make gardens that are functional and beautiful, in just the way those two words have meaning for them. We want your garden to be authentic and personal. And in doing so we use plants and materials appropriate to the site and to the region, always with care to conserve or build healthy soil and to channel water where it should go (away from buildings, into the ground or reservoir, not to the street).

In Southern California, the Courtyard is a special type of garden, composed with tile or stone or paver patterns and filled with pots, tables, chairs, sculpture and personal objects that make each unique and intimate.

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